Some Essential Travel Compression Bags

Compression bags are a type of sack that has been modified to compress its contents. These types of bags are space-saving storage bags by removal of air. Use of compression bags for travelling has been on rise in contemporary times. These bags are airtight which protects clothes from bugs, odours, dirt etc. Compression bags can be a game changer for travellers who always want to pack more things in fewer luggage. There are various kinds of compression bags available in the market that come in different material and size so that we can choose according to our needs.

travel compression bags

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Parameters to check for the best Compression bags

It is essential to choose the compression bags carefully, some factors to consider while choosing compression bags include:

Size: is one of the main things when choosing a compression bag. Choose a bag that is large enough to hold your items but not so large that won’t fit in luggage, so choose according to your requirements.

Durability: This is also a crucial factor while choosing a compression bag, because if the bag is not durable enough to withstand then it will tear or break which will create a huge mess while travelling. Bags made of nylon and polyester is durable enough.

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Types of Compression bags

The different compression bags for travel are mentioned below:

VacuumBags: These are a kind of plastic bag that is used to vacuum seal your clothes and other items. These bags are also waterproof and dustproof. Vacuum bags can be reused if invested in high-quality vacuum-sealed bags. Vacuum-sealed bags are suggested to use no longer than six months, if you are storing clothes in a storage bag remember to take them out after six months. Some good quality compression bags are below:

  1. Space Vaccum Bags : these bags are reusable vacuum bags with zip lock and hand pump, that are easy to use for travelling purpose because it comes with a free travel hand pump which you can carry while you travel. These bags help you to keep your clothes bug and odour-free. The triple seal formula ensured zero air passage to prevent microbes. 
space vaccum bags

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2. Scilla Space Saver Vaccum Bags: these bags perfectly fit to use at home or travel. It is recommended to use it for quilts at home. It saves 80% of your wardrobe space. Due to the textured seal, it gives a non-slip grip. These bags are made of transparent Polyamide to protect the stored item.

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Scilla Space vaccum bags

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Travel Organiser Bags: These bags are mainly used for carrying wallet, documents, money and other items in an organized manner. They separate each item so they are easier to pack and find while travelling. The travel organizer bags ensure the safety of items and you don’t have to rearrange your suitcase multiple times during your trip. Some good quality travel organizer bags are below:

  • Shacke Pak: these are the kind of travel organizer bags that comes with laundry bags. It is designed with packing and layered for breathable mesh. It is suitable for any type of travel whether you travel by train, car or plane. It comes with easy clean material that saves your time in the cleanness of your bags while travelling. 
Shacke Pak

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  • Fork : these bags are 6 1 foldable travel organizer bags that are waterproof and come in three different sizes – small, medium and large. These bags are suitable for camping, gym, beach or yoga. These bags can store clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories and more.

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Compression bags come handy when it comes to packing things with minimum storage while you are planning a travel or in home. To maximise the use of these compression bags you should be good enough to know how to use and maintain these bags. Compression bags are one stop solution to save your space, time and money.

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