Mumbai: Female passenger gives bomb threat when asked for extra Baggage at Mumbai Airport


In a sensational incident at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, a female passenger gives bomb threat causing confusion by fabricating a bomb threat to evade extra baggage fees. This “bombastic” excuse sent shockwaves through the airport. The Sahar police wasted no time in taking legal action against the passenger for creating a false bomb scare. Join us as we delve into the details of this extraordinary event, exploring the consequences and shedding light on the importance of responsible air travel.

The Incident:

Prepare for a dramatic showdown when a bomb threat at Mumbai airport comes into the limelight. A customer service executive (CSE) named DA Wadkar, representing a private airline, found herself in the midst of a baggage battle when a passenger attempted to board a Mumbai-Kolkata flight with not one, but two bags, blatantly disregarding the airline’s domestic baggage policy of one bag weighing up to 15kg.

Hold on tight! When Airlines asks for extra baggage payment, things took an unexpected turn. The passenger unleashed a tempest of resistance, engaging in a fiery confrontation to avoid paying the additional fees. Then, like a fireworks display, she dropped a bombshell: “There’s a bomb in my bag!” a female passenger with a bomb tells airport authorities.

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Security Measures:

Chaos ensued, with authorities swiftly mobilizing the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) to handle the alleged threat. K-9 units were deployed to sniff out any signs of danger lurking within the passenger’s bags. Fortunately, the search revealed nothing more than a theatrical performance—the bomb threat turned out to be a mere figment of imagination.

Legal Consequences:

Attempting such a dangerous stunt carries severe repercussions. The Sahar police promptly filed charges against the passenger for her reckless behavior. She now faces legal action under sections 336 (endangering life or personal safety) and 505 (2) (creating public mischief) of the Indian Penal Code. This serves as a stark reminder that tampering with public safety is no laughing matter.

Importance of Responsible Air Travel:

Now, let’s glide smoothly into the importance of responsible air travel. Passengers, listen up! Prioritize familiarity with baggage restrictions and charges to ensure a hassle-free journey. By adhering to the rules and being conscientious travelers, we can soar through the skies safely and contribute to an enjoyable experience for all passengers.

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In this astonishing Mumbai incident, a passenger’s attempt to dodge extra baggage charges ignited chaos, and the passenger gives a bomb threat. Authorities swiftly responded, holding the passenger accountable for her dangerous ruse. Remember, folks, safety reigns supreme in air travel. Let’s embrace responsible travel, abide by the regulations, and keep the skies free from unnecessary turbulence. Bon voyage, and may your journeys be memorable for all the right reasons—minus the bombastic scares, of course!

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